We have recently introduced the Aroha App in both Playstore for Android devices and Appstore for Apple devices. With the Aroha App, clients can view their holdings on the go with a one day lag. While we have used(and continue to use) MFUtility for transactions in mutual funds, we have also introduced a new routing for orders for products that can only be bought through the exchanges (direct equity, tax free bonds, gold bonds other exchange traded products). The look and feel of our monthly report has undergone a significant change. There is more granular information. Asset level allocations and returns are made available. These efforts have been underway since August 2022 when we hired ActLogica to deploy their SaaS platform FinFlo and help us in the order placement and backend fund accounting. Previously fund accounting was done by us without a second level data integrity check. Now that FinFlo from ActLogica is in place, we have a more robust and less error prone reporting system. We have significantly more granularity in our reporting. There are still quite a few improvements we wish to make and we are continuing to refine and evolve as we move along.

A note of caution:
While we are thrilled to embrace technology and make our reporting systems more robust and client friendly, there is one aspect we all need to pay particular attention to. This is cyber security. The routing for new orders through MFUtility for mutual funds and through the FinFlo platform for exchange traded products, entails that clients receive emails/sms from Aroha Capital/MFUtility for order approval. These emails provide a link that then takes the client through an order approval process. We urge all clients to be extremely careful before clicking on any email/sms link. Only if we get in touch with you through separate channels (whatsapp/sms/email/voice call) and inform you that we have placed orders that require your approval, then and only then should you proceed to press any link pertaining to order approval. We have satisfied ourselves regarding the security checks and privacy protocols adopted by FinFlo – however we prefer abundant caution in all matters relating to cyber security and hence request clients to be very careful before clicking any link received either through email or sms.

Basic aspects of the FinFlo platform:
1.The Aroha App is downloadable for anyone. However only onboarded clients will be provided login credentials and be able to login to the app.
2.Holdings are shown as per the closing prices of the previous working day of the exchanges.
3.No live intraday price quotes are available.
4.All returns are provided in XIRR since inception. If inception is less than a year, the returns are de-annualised. For more detail on returns you may contact us.
5.Cash holdings which we previously used to tabulate from associated investment bank accounts is eliminated.
6.Every redemption/switch-out is considered a cash outflow and every purchase/switch-in is considered a cash inflow.
7.All dividends and tax-free bond coupons are accounted for in the back end.
8.Sovereign Gold Bond semi-annual interest is still not taken into account. This is work in progress.
9.The Aroha App is a view only App – no transactions happen on the App.
10.Benchmarks/High Watermarks are not yet included – this is still work in progress.
11.The order placement for exchange traded products is only for resident accounts. Non-resident accounts do not have this facility yet.

We have undertaken these changes with considerable effort and significant cost to us. We hope clients will find these changes useful. Clients may please feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications or questions on the Aroha App or our new monthly reporting format.