We have always wondered upon the effect time horizon has on decision making. There is a qualitative difference between the split second decision made on where to return a shot on a badminton court versus for example choosing where you would like to stay after retirement. Certain decisions require us to respond with gut and intuition. Paralysis by analysis – that is too much analysis for decisions requiring a rapid response is counter-productive. Pre-historic man being chased on the Savannah by a predator would vouch for that. Nevertheless, man’s progress through the ages has been marked by an ability to plan ahead, to create a surplus in the now and protect against an uncertain future. Avoiding instant gratification and creating a surplus for the future are intrinsically linked to being able to have a longer time horizon. We have always wanted to blog about this idea and its implications for investing. Recently we came across a blog on the subject by Sequoia Capital’s MD - G V Ravishankar. We could not have expressed our thoughts as lucidly as Mr G V Ravishankar has done. We are providing a link to the same here – The power of playing the long game. Please do read it.